Ostrich meat nutrition

If you are one of those people who want to eat healthily, but also want to enjoy the taste of meat. Then it would be best for you to go for Ostrich meat nutrition as a healthier option. These flightless African flying creatures are raised on ranches far and wide for their meat, eggs, and feathers. Ostrich meat is named poultry and is healthfully like poultry. In any case, it’s progressively similar to a red than white meat, and have color, taste, and texture like beef.

Ostrich meat has quickly discovered its presence on the menu of a significant number of the best eateries in the world. Famous chefs worldwide like the stunning new substantial taste of ostrich and are finding many energizing approaches to make and present the ostrich meat. In today’s article by My Mind Speaks, we will discuss some incredible health benefits of ostrich meat.

Ostrich meat nutrition vs. other meats

Ostrich meat nutrition doesn’t possess a flavour like different meat. Its meat is red like beef, and the taste is like venison.  Many people think it possesses a flavour like veal. The meat comes in the variety of the cuts that beef comes in, including steaks and burgers, just like ground meat. Numerous individuals request their ostrich meat on the web since it’s not as generally accessible at markets as your standard red meats.

Easier to cook

Along with many health benefits of ostrich meat, it is quite easier to prepare as compared to beef or other red meats. Never cook ostrich meat more than to medium. It ought to be red in the middle when you cut into it. Utilize low temperatures when broiling. The perfect internal temperature when a dish is prepared is 160 ° F. Ostrich meat has no bones and no shrinkage; hence you need to brown the two sides over high heat and afterward keep cooking over lower heat until you get the manner in which you like it.

Health benefits of ostrich meat

1. Ostrich meat has low cholesterol level

When it comes to meat with the lowest cholesterol level, ostrich meat nutrition tops the list. The human body needs cholesterol to work appropriately. For instance, cholesterol is expected to make certain hormones, and it is a significant building block for cell dividers. However, a lot of cholesterol in the blood can, in some cases, mean an expanded danger of cardiovascular ailment.

Even though meats are commonly high in cholesterol, with regards to ostrich meat, it has a low measure of cholesterol, which would barely hurt anyone. The cholesterol level in ostrich meat is around 0,063 gram per 100-gram meat. Moreover, this measure of cholesterol isn’t unsafe; however, it is useful for our body to guarantee the smooth progression of blood in our veins.

2. High in protein

One of the amazing health benefits of ostrich meat is that it is high in protein. Protein is found all through the body: in muscle, bone, skin, hair, and practically every other body part or tissue. It makes up the enzymes that power numerous substance responses and the hemoglobin that conveys oxygen in your blood. Hence, to have a healthier body, you must include proteins in your diet.

The ostrich meat comprises of 20.6 percent of protein in per 100-gram meat. So this advantage of ostrich meat is one of the essential ones because of the rich measure of protein. The individuals who need to fabricate muscles should include ostrich meat to their diet. This will help them in building muscles without gaining weight.

3. Amazing source of iron

Iron performs numerous significant functionalities in the body. It is principally engaged with the exchange of oxygen from the lungs to tissues. But, iron likewise plays a role in digestion as a part of certain proteins and chemicals. It is a fundamental mineral. Iron is basic for the transportation of oxygen-through hemoglobin in our red platelets. Deficiency of iron can lead to anemia.

One of the key advantages of ostrich meat incorporates an excessive amount of iron mineral. Roughly 3.1 milligrams (mg) iron exist in per 100 gram of ostrich meat. This advantage of ostrich meat makes it perhaps the best sort of meat all across the world.

4. Low-fat content

Fat stores abundance calories in a protected manner so you can assemble the fat stores when you’re hungry. It discharges hormones that control metabolism. Well, all meat may contain fat; however, you should be astounded how low-fat substance found in ostrich meat is. Per serving size 100 g of ostrich meat, you just get around 3 mg of fat. It is incredibly low for such meat that is high in protein and minerals. Consequently, it is a piece of great news for all meat lovers who are additionally terrified of getting fat; they should switch to ostrich meat at the earliest opportunity.

5. Tastes amazing

When cooked with perfect seasoning and flavors, Ostrich meat nutrition tastes amazing. Many people compare it with the taste of red meat, but in reality, it is much more delicious than beef.

6. Good for your heart

Food that is low in fats and calories and rich in iron and other nutritions is the best friend of your heart. When you consume this meat rather than other forms of red me meat, your heart is more likely to encounter fewer issues.

Other medical advantages of ostrich meat emerge from the way that the ostriches usually are raised without anti-infection agents or hormones that might expand the danger of cancer growth and other medical issues. These animals are regularly raised on little farms, and you can find these farms online that raise them compassionately and give them free time.

From a fat and calorie angle, ostrich meat is obviously a more beneficial alternative, and if you need to eat meat, it’s the better choice. Indeed, even with the clear medical advantages of ostrich meat, its best to consume it in a moderate amount, along with adding vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.


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