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You might agree that having a resource like a smartphone can never make you feel the boredom. All that computing, attractive display, catchy internet, etc. can easily kill your time.  It is scientifically proven that the best way to overcome stress is through entertainment. If you’ve had a bad day at work or school and you are feeling stressed out and looking for amazing entertainment tips. In this situation your smartphone can become a savior, you can enjoy some great activities and entertain yourself.

In this digital era, smartphones have become a basic necessity in our lives. But most of our youth are abusing it. Teenagers spend too much time on their screens which is affecting their health negatively. But the matter of fact is, the appropriate use of this gadget can be quite beneficial for your boredom.

Entertainment is the best way to get enjoyment, pleasure, and relaxation. Your smartphone can not just perform basic tasks, but it can entertain you in many ways.

If you are looking for some entertainment tips, then this is the article by My Mind Speaks that you need to read.  We’ve brought some brilliant ideas on how to entertain yourself on your smartphone.

We are providing 9 Ways to Entertain Yourself on Your Smartphone

1. Make a Meal Plan

When you get free time, you can plan and save your time. There are many apps that help you to prepare your meal. These apps also have delicious food recipes which you can consider as one of the amazing entertainment tips.

In these apps on your smartphone, you can search for recipes with a filter like “protein-rich food recipes” etc. You can also save these recipes along with the calendar to make a meal plan. You can simply schedule your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners using these apps. This will save you time as well as will keep you entertained.

2. Enjoy Music

Listening to music is one of the widely used amazing entertainment tips. Nowadays everybody’s smartphone has a music player. If you want to relax and spend some time doing nothing. Just plug in your earphones play your favorite songs, sit back and relax.

Music produces positivity in our mind, so if you are stressed out, or dealing with some issues, take half of an hour for listening to music. This will not just refresh your mood but will also give you a sense of motivation too. Listening to music is one of the best ways to entertain yourself on your smartphone.

3. Learn Different Languages

There are hundreds of different apps you can find on the App Store/ Play Store. Most of them are free. If you love to explore different languages, then which amazing entertainment tips can be better than learn a new language?

There are many interactive language learning apps that make you learn different languages with the help of games. It may seem like you are playing the game, which eventually helps you to learn the basics of that language. You can learn the languages you like or the language of some new place you are planning to go — the best way to kill time indeed.

4. Read Books

If you are a book geek and love to read, then you should definitely utilize your smartphone for reading purposes. This is one of the amazing entertainment tips you’ve ever read. You can install a reading app or also can read online. Though there are many free apps that offer numerous books for reading without charging. If you are willing to pay for the app, you can get access to almost any book you want on your smartphone. It is best for people who cannot read small printed words in the book; they can enlarge the letters on their smartphones and can read without difficulty.

read books

5. Watch Videos and Movies

What can be more entertaining than movies when you are feeling bored. You can watch almost any video or movie free on your smartphone. People who love to watch movies and comic videos can subscribe to different YouTube channels to get their daily dose of entertainment and laughter. If you missed out on an episode of your favorite series, you could watch it on your smartphone. Watching videos is the best way to entertain yourself on your smartphone.

Watch Videos and Movies

Rather than spending money on CDs, you can simply search your movie, and enjoy this source of entertainment.

6. Play Games

From sweet girly games to fighter jets, you can play almost any game on your smartphone. Whether it is a candy crush or pub, these games will keep you entertained for a long time. You can download and install games according to your choice.

There are many offline games, too, which do not require the internet. This means you can play these games while you are traveling. These smartphone games have incredible graphics which make them so attractive that you feel addicted to them. No other time-killing activity will amaze you once you start playing games on your smartphone.

7. Stream Online News

If you like to stay updated and want to know all the current happenings on the go. Download the news alert app on your smartphone, which will keep you updated 24/7 with the breaking news. You can also stream live news if you do not want to miss any headlines. Installing a news app or streaming live news is one of the best uses of the smartphone. It keeps you updated and entertained both at the same time.

Stream Online News

8. Watch Live Sports

If you are a sports fan but you fear that you’ll miss the match because of your schedule, worry not. You can stream matches online on your smartphone. This will keep you updated about the latest scores of your favorite match.

While you are driving or busy shopping, you can keep up with your favorite team and cheer for it. Sports lovers will consider it one of the amazing entertainment tips.

9. Learn Something New

If you are enthusiastic about learning something new, you do not need to go and explore. The exploration key is in your hand. You can simply Google and learn about anything and everything. You do not have to go to the library to perform research; you can simply perform it on your smartphone.

These were some of the amazing entertainment tips brought to you by My Mind Speaks. Do let us know how you utilize your smartphone to entertain yourself.


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